Sarah Reviews: The Summer of Everything – Julian Winters

Anyone who has ever fallen head over heels for their best friend can understand how painful that can be. Tack on the pressure of heading to UCLA and the impending doom of losing a job you cherish, and you’d be as stressed out as Wesley Hudson is. He’s been out of the closet for years now, but somehow he’s never quite managed to take the next step in telling his best friend Nico Alvarez that he’s in love with him.

So with three months left to go before he and Nico part ways for school, Wes is determined to own up to his emotions and let Nico know what’s what. But will Wesley’s penchant for creating lists and his inability to speak his mind get in the way of a memorable Summer? Find out in this heartwarming tale of self-discovery and love by acclaimed author, Julian Winters.

This book has a myriad of representation in both race, gender identity, and sexual orientation but not one paragraph of this novel felt forced. Winters spun a story that left me laughing and crying along with his characters, and though I am far removed from my teenage years, his writing brought me right back to everything I was experiencing at that age.

This novel is worth reading, particularly if you can relate to the feeling of not belonging or the fear of not fitting in. Through the eyes of the characters, you too can experience the feelings of longing, friendship, and what everyone wants deep down: a cluster of close friends that have become family.

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