This Week in the Literary World

  • Entertainment Weekly puts Charlaine Harris (author of the Sookie Stackhouse series) through her paces with a book quiz. I’m particularly happy (and very much in agreement with) her choice for “What fictional character would you most like to marry?” [Source: EW]
  • Similarly, Kansas City (.com) asked author Dave Barry 20 questions. His answers include: Barry Manilow, Ethel Merman, and a stolen Boeing 747. [Source:]
  • Oprah announced her 10 favorite books of the last decade. [Source:]
  • This next bit of news made me particularly happy as it is about one of my favorite authors and books of all time. Neil Gaiman’s multiple award-winning novel, American Gods, has been selected as the “One Book, One Twitter” book that will, creator Jeff Howe hopes, get “a zillion people all reading and talking about a single book.” The discussion has already started. [Source: The Guardian]

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