This Week in the Literary World

  • Oprah is offering up “7 Books to Watch for in June 2010” – titles include: Jennifer Egan’s A Visit From the Goon Squad and Julie Orringer’s The Invisible Bridge. [Source:]
  • There’s no reason to go through Lost withdrawal once the show is off the air. Pick up one of the many books featured on the show! Here are a couple of lists that take a look at the novels read by characters and other influential stories: TV Guide, Squidoo, or the LA Times.
  • “Lifelong Tolkien fan Maddie Chambers was asked to design and build a toy as part of a college course, and decided to create a miniature Bag End.” This is really cool (whether you’re a Tolkien fan or not.) Take a look at the gallery of images. [Source: The Guardian]
  • Also from The Guardian: Bill Bryson takes a closer look at the toilet, the “top 10 books about incarceration,” and a so-you-think-you-know-Mark Twain quiz.

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