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Just couldn’t pass this up…The Top 10 Most Manly Writers Ever

From the eNotes Book Blog: “So who would win in a fistfight? Ernest Hemingway or Norman Mailer? James Fenimore Cooper or William S. Burroughs? This week we present the most burly, manly men of letters. In their world, or at least in their fiction, the liquor is always strong, the women willing, and wildlife had best take cover.”

It’s quite an interesting list, really. And it certainly sparked some debate amongst blog readers. Several chimed in with men who they believed should have made the list, bumping off others as a result. And this comment, well, it says it all: “I’ve got news for you: Real men don’t read literary fiction, just genre fiction.”

I don’t know, though; I’d have to add Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to that list. He fended off many a blow over his staunch belief in spiritualism and created one of the most intelligent and memorable characters of all time.

How about you…Who would you see added to that list??

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