The Art and Making of Peanuts Animation: Celebrating Fifty Years of Television Specials

peanuts‘Tis the season for Charlie Brown Christmas specials, but was anyone besides me unaware that there are more than 40 animated specials starring the good old Peanuts gang?!

Bring the joy of these animated specials to a special someone’s coffee table this year.  This marvelous visual history treats Peanuts fans to an in-depth look at the art and making of the treasure classics and forgotten gems from 1965’s original classic A Charlie Brown Christmas through the 2011 release of Happiness is a Warm Blanket.

Written by animation historian Charles Solomon, it is illustrated with dozens of colorful cels from the cartoons themselves and goes behind-the-scenes of all 45 “Peanuts” animated specials, including reproductions of original scripts, storyboards, and character sketches.  The book not only interviews animators, voice talent, and production staff, but really gives you insight as to what  Schultz felt about the TV and film adaptations of his beloved characters.

At $45, this book a great holiday gift for yourself, for Snoopy fans or animation lovers in your life.

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