Ari Reviews: Stepsister – Jennifer Donnelly

Stepsister is a dark version of the tale of Cinderella that is told from the viewpoint of the stepsister named Isabelle. Isabelle does not have the qualities compared to Cinderella with beauty, grace, kindness, etc. Isabelle tries to deceit the prince to claim him when she removes her own toes to fit in Cinderella’s glass slipper so she can win him over. When the prince discovers Isabelle’s method of tricking him, she is caste away. Isabelle destroys herself to be like Cinderella but it causes her to become more bitter and full of jealously. Will Isabelle realize there is more just to being beautiful in life tan she assumes one must be to be accepted and get what she wants and desires in life? You will have to find out what will become of Isabelle’s fate. I enjoyed reading this book due to the fantasy elements it had in the book. This book would be great for young adult readers because it teaches them about loving for who they are and not letting others define them, being courageous, and finding oneself. The story had a great plot and I could stop reading this book because I was curious to see how Isabelle’s decisions and fate would turn out whether she will have a happy ending or will she remain bitter and jealous of her stepsister Cinderella.  This book would be a great read for those who love fantasy literature.