This Week in the Literary World

  • Julianne Moore, best known for her work on the big screen, also has children’s book writer on her resume. And pretty soon her book series, Freckleface Strawberry, will be heading to the off-Broadway stage. [via]
  • Elizabeth Gilbert briefly mentions her ex-husband in her best-selling book Eat, Pray, Love, but that’s all you’re going to hear of him. At least for now. He and his publisher have parted ways. [via The Huffington Post]
  • Okay, you’ve heard of the slow food movement, but have you heard of slow reading?
  • Do you really think that “Kim Kardashian writes like James Joyce”? Do you wonder which author your writing most resembles? Surf on over to I Write Like and test it out.
  • The Bookcase you’ll want to live in. It’s called The Ark and, yes, it’s for storing your books. But it’s also for so much more . . .

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