Flavorwire's Top 10 Sidekicks in Literature

From Flavorwire

In the number five spot, Sancho Panza, Don Quixote’s long suffering companion.

Per Flavorwire:

Sidekick to: Don Quixote

Backstory: Don Quixote, an older man who, after reading one to many fairytales, decides to go out on a quest of his own. He shortly recruits one of his neighbors, Sancho, to be his squire, promising him the governorship of an island.

Strengths: Loyal to the end

Weakness: Not the sharpest sword in the armory”

“What’s a good hero without a trusty sidekick? From the open road to deserted islands to Middle Earth, friendships inevitably form. Of course most of the time the plot’s weight shifts primarily on one character. This leaves the other friend to fill in the gaps, complimenting the temperament and abilities of the hero and maybe adding a laugh or two here and there. We thought we’d rank the top 10 in literature based on loyalty, friendship, and overall awesomeness.”

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