Vision in White – Nora Roberts

Vision In White by Nora Roberts is the first entry in her Bride Quartet series. MacKensie (Mac) Elliott and her three best friends, Emma, Laurel and Parker grew up throwing make believe weddings. Now they run a very successful wedding planning business in Connecticut called Vows where each one contributes her own unique talents. Mac has the ability to capture those perfect moments during a wedding with her camera. Ironically, while she loves her job and throws herself into it, she has never gotten over her own unhappy childhood which consisted of an absentee father and a mother who has never grown up. Carter Maguire literally enters Mac’s life with a bang when he shows up to help out with the planning of his sister’s wedding. Could this cute, clumsy, shy, sweet English teacher be the one who Mac needs to rescue her from herself?

I found this book to be typical Nora Roberts fare. Sympathetic characters who instantly draw the reader in, and a fast moving plot. There’s quite a bit of gentle humor included which only adds to the charm of this book. Being a long time fan of the prolific Ms Roberts I’ve always found it amazing how she is able to match up her main characters so perfectly, and Mac and Carter are just another example. Mac while likeable, has sharp edges due to her upbringing and the fact that her needy mother Linda is still in her life and unwilling to let go of her daughter. Carter, while he first strikes comes across as sort of this sleepy, albeit likeable character, actually is anything but and has a backbone of steel. Together they compliment each other perfectly. Roberts also does her usual great job of developing wonderful secondary characters, especially Mac’s three friends who each have their own book in the Quartet. While I don’t normally read contemporary romance, Vision in White has made me want to read the other books in the series to discover what happens to the rest of these childhood friends. I highly recommend this to anyone who would like a nice gentle escapist read.

Reviewed by Kim

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