Sarah Reviews: Autoboyography – Christina Lauren

Do you know what it’s like to be kept a secret? Do you know how it feels to hide part of your identity from the world? For Tanner Scott and Sebastian Brother, this is just part of their daily lives as they navigate the intricacies of living in Provo, Utah, a town comprised mainly of Mormons. Autoboyography by Christina Lauren takes the reader on a journey through what it means to be part of the LGBT community in a town that all but condemns it. Tanner Scott never expected to fall for Sebastian Brother, but when their eyes met in the Seminar class that Sebastian is helping to teach, they both know that there’s no going back. But while they may be happy in private, it is Sebastian’s religion that prevents the pair from showing any affection towards each other in public.

But will their secret last forever? Will Tanner be able to remain Sebastian’s secret? Autoboyography is the novel that takes the reader on a rollercoaster of emotions – emotions which are unfortunately typical of what it is like to secretly be a member of the LGBT community. This novel is worth reading for the hidden romance, angst, and friendship that become common themes throughout the text.

However what really makes this novel worth reading is the glimpse into a community that has been oppressed for decades. Being a member of the LGBT community, particularly as a teen is no small task to take on, and hiding a relationship to protect the safety of your loved one is even harder. Christina Lauren tackles these issues head on with a novel that truly packs a punch. If you find yourself with some spare time and don’t have a book to read, Autoboyography is the novel for you.