Endecott Pear Tree Images

From Within the Collections of the Danvers
Archival Center

These images are to be used only for study purposes. They may not be used for publication or commercial use. For additional information contact the Danvers Archival Center.

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Endecott Painting

Endecott print

1816 painting

1832 map

1848 History of Danvers

1852 engraving

1863 drawing

1879 Stereo View

1894 photo

Cyanotype snapshot


View from Waters River

Spring of 1920

Autumn of 1923

Endecott pear

William C. Endicott, Jr.

1930 medal obverse

1930 medal reverse

1934 mural

AP wire photo

1969 photograph

2011 pear

New fence

October 2013

The site


Archive exhibit

Online beginning November 2013

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