“Answering the Call: The True Meaning

of Patriots’ Day”

A Video Presentation by Stephen Crowe

In 1998, the activities of the town’s recreated 18th century militia unit, the Danvers Alarm List Company, were recorded by North Shore journalist Stephen Crowe for a graduate course at Boston University. Video was taken in Danvers, Lexington, Concord, and Arlington, and later edited into a 3.5-minute “enterprise piece” suitable for an evening news program. Shot in Hi8 video format, the piece was created in VHS format and later re-edited in Final Cut Pro. This short but succinct broadcast piece captures the spirit of the commemoration of Patriots’ Day in Danvers and Massachusetts.

We are grateful to Stephen, who began his career as a Danvers Herald reporter, for his efforts, and for allowing us to include this presentation on our Archive website.

Online beginning November 2014

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