Historian on the Set Images
From the Collections of Richard B. Trask
These images are to be used only for study purposes. They may not be used for publication or commercial use. For additional information contact the Danvers Archival Center.


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Page of draft script with penciled in notations

Fabricating the oak roof frame of the Meetinghouse

The completed Meetinghouse

Using the house at the Saugus Iron Works as a film location

Dressing Patrick McGoohan’s wig

Shackles being applied to Rebecca Nurse (Phyllis Thaxter) in gaol

Kim Hunter, Vanessa Redgrave and Phyllis Thaxter in the doorway of the Nurse Homestead

A candid snapshot of the three actors in Rebecca’s bed chamber

Vanessa and two neighbors talking. After I took this photo, I noticed the glasses. They were removed for filming.

Members of the Danvers Alarm List Company as extras at the Nurse Homestead. From left: Herb Lear, William Buttimer, Henry Rutkowski, Ethel Trask, David McKenna, Carolyn Foster, Peter Lundgren, Curtis White, and Robert Osgood.

Cinematographer Larry Pizer waits as Vanessa returns to her spot for a second “take”

Shay Duffin (Magistrate John Hathorne) poses with some of the afflicted girls including Jennifer Dundas, in the middle. Elizabeth Trask is at left.

Hairdressing equipment awaiting use

Bob Colonna (Magistrate Jonathan Corwin) converses with John Hathorne. In the background Bob Dow of Topsfield portrays a guard.

Actor Rino Thunder portrayed John Indian

A snapshot photo by me of Vanessa’s hair and cap being adjusted for the next scene

Vanessa Redgrave and director Phillip Leacock

A snapshot of Richard Trask (in garb as an extra) discussing a scene with director Leacock and Ms. Redgrave. At extreme right in the background is historian Steve Nissenbaum.

Setting the camera focus for a scene with Kim Hunter at the Nurse Homestead

Ethel Trask and other extras react to Giles Cory’s being tortured

The execution ladder. Later research led me to believe a dressed wooden horizontal beam supported by wood posts was actually used, rather than a tree.

Richard Trask poses as a guard, as Phyllis Thaxter (Rebecca Nurse) sits in a cart awaiting execution

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