“Salem Witch Hunt”
A Video Presentation by Explore.org

“Explore is a signature project of the Annenberg Foundation developed and led by Charles Annenberg Weingarten, a Foundation Vice President and Director, through which documentaries, short films, photographs and videos are created to showcase extraordinary non-profit efforts around the world.” The motto of explore is “Explore – Never stop learning.”

In November 2009, Charles Weingarten visited the Danvers Archival Center and the Danvers/Salem area to discover and record the story of the 1692 Salem witchcraft events. The resulting 30-minute program was released in October 2010 at www.explore.org. In June 2010, the Danvers Archival Center was given a 2-year grant of $25,000 for collection development. You may read about this grant by viewing our website topic “Annenberg Grant 2012.”

We are grateful to Explore.org and the Annenberg Foundation for their wonderful grant and for allowing us to include this video presentation on our Archive website.

Online beginning December 2013

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